Yasashii-machi Project

Its aim is cordially to prepare affectionate circumstances
for person’s body and spirit.

[Yasashii-machi] (meaning nature town) project has been started from November in 2016 in Isa-city supported by Yasashii-machi Inc. Its aim is cordially to prepare affectionate circumstances for person’s body and spirit resulting that the whole town will be health in order to reach to wellness Isa-Satsuma.


Isa-city & Satsuma-town
- Rich in nature

Isa-city is located in the northernmost part of Kagoshima prefecture contacting together with Miyazaki and Kumamoto prefectures, and Satsuma-town is the southwest of it. Isa-city and Satsuma-town are surrounded by Kyushu mountains resulting in a big basin which possess the Sendai River and its branches in its center opening a wide rice crop having rich in nature.


Majestic nature, fantastic history,
and speciality food

It is noteworthy that we will be able to enjoy full seasons like deep green of rice crop and a big flying of fire-fly in early summer season, golden color of rice and autumn leaves in autumn. Furthermore, we have a beautiful Sogi Falls stretch 210 meters wide and a fantastic remains of hydroelectric power plant built approximately 110 years ago which appears in river bottom only during winter and spring season. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy a classical trail around Sogi Falls like the old canal resembling to defensive wall (see photos), and ranges of hot springs like Shibi which has been loved longer as a god’s bath. Isa-city is called as a birthplace of Shochu spirits in Japan, and there are many famous special distilled alcohol, potato shochu spirits productions including Satsuma-town and we have been enjoying many brands. You can enjoy a tasty rice, seasonal vegetables, Japanese beefs, Kurobuta Berkshire pork, green tea and other specialty products produced by big temperature differences and clean water.

Final goal

[wellness Isa-Satsuma]

[Yasashii-machi] project has been started from March in 2017 in order to communicate with all persons having friend spirit mentally and materially. As an example very common weeds like artemisia, dandelion, plantago and wild allium can be incorporated in our meal resulting in setting up friendly and soft environment for our bodies. For this purpose we have been preparing “common weed garden” near Sogi park. Although they are common weeds, they are all traditional herbs too.
Therefore, it might be possible that the constant incorporation of them response to our bodies prolonging healthy life expectancy. Its result can reduce medical costs and finally [wellness Isa] will be able to be accepted as a final goal.

Project activity

Common weed garden

New botanical garden which arranges individual familiar plants and herbs against the type of diseases has been completed. Hundred herbs have been growing under the good environment like that dears eat them several times.

Location map

Area information

Sogi Falls — 210 meters in width.

Old canal from Sogi waterfall to hydroelectric power plant
— constlucted 110 years ago. It looks like defensive wall.

Sogi fantastic remains of hydroelectric power plant
— Sogi fantastic remains of hydroelectric power plant constructed 110 years ago appears when water reduced.
It looks like the old European castle.

Distilled typical spirits, Satsuma Imo-Shochu in Isa area
— You can enjoy it on a rocks, diluting with hot water and sometimes with beer and so on.